Looking for cheap dedicated servers without spending too much but with quality service and support ?
We are pleased to announce, with much anticipation, the new availability of the Budget range of Dedicated Servers.

Starting from $99 per month, our Dedicated servers provide the highest level of performance and security for hosted applications. When absolute security and predictability are required, which not even a VPS can provide, a dedicated server is the ideal solution.

Our new line of Intel Xeon E3/E5-series dedicated servers are designed to meet the needs of applications more advanced than a typical VPS can handle. These single-processor and dual-processor servers, with up to 8 dedicated cores, are an excellent cost-effective solution for dedicated infrastructure hosting.

The server's hardware and software are physically dedicated to your private usage, and completely customizable from the ground up, including BIOS, IPv4 and IPv6 networking provided on a dedicated network port, operating system installation, and specific technology features of storage, memory, and other components.

To see available configurations, visit www.dedicatedgaming.com.au/cheap-dedicated-servers.php

Sunday, April 15, 2018

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